80W PoE Power Injector


  • Model Number: BL-PP80
  • 80W PoE Power Injector for heavy duty EX1000 and SD500 Series PTZ systems.
  • POE Standard: PoH, IEEE802.3at Type 1(af) and Type 2
  • Data Rate: 100/1000Mbps
  • Cable: Cat 5e/Cat6/Cat6e/Cat7
  • Output Power: DC54V 2.77A; Input Power: AC110~220V
  • Power Consumption: 80W
  • Power Efficiency: 90 %
  • Isolation: 1500VDC
  • Pin Assignments/Polarity: 1245(+), 3678(-)
  • Protection Function: Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection.
  • Interface: 1X RJ45: Data Input, 1XRJ45: Data+Power Output, 1X DC Input Plug
  • This PoE power injector is included with POE product.
  • Use for Specific model : All EX1000 Series and SD500 Series POE models.