4/5/7 Pin Phoenix Control Port Connector


  • Model Number: VCC-PC4
  • Model Number: VCC-PC5
  • Model Number: VCC-PC7
  • 4/5/7 pin, 5.08mm Pluggable Quick Connector
  • Terminal Block
  • Use for VCC Series Camera RS422/485 control connection
  • Use for specific camera models: 4Pin: VCC-2HD10S-SN, VCC-2HD10B-SN, VCC-2HD10S-F, VCC-2HD10B-F, UCC-2HD05B-U3, UCC-2HD10S-U3, UCC-2HD10B-U3. | 5Pin: VCC-8HD20S-SMC, VCC-8HD30S-SMC, VCC-8-4K12S-SM, VCC-2HD10S-SN, VCC-2HD10B-SN. | 7Pin: VCC-7HD20S-SMN, VCC-7HD30S-SMN
  • The connector included with the product.